Neighbour wins $50k dispute with intermediate school over shady trees

Neighbour wins k dispute with intermediate school over shady trees

Peter Meecham/Stuff

After a long battle, Heaton Normal Intermediate School backed down from a court case and will remove three oak trees blocking sunlight from a neighbouring property.

A Christchurch public school in Merivale has spent thousands of “public purse” dollars on a lengthy and expensive dispute with a neighbour over tall oak trees that block the sun.

Heaton Normal Intermediate School spent $20,513 on a legal dispute that it then backed down from 10 days before its set court date, and agreed to remove three oak trees that block Richie Dudding’s property from the sun.

Dudding, a relief teacher, spent $30,000 on the dispute and said he offered to pay to have the trees taken down four years ago when he first raised concerns.

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