Aussie mum’s Bali retreat nightmare

Aussie mum’s Bali retreat nightmare

An Australian woman was one day into a wellness retreat in Bali when she suffered a stroke while in a holy waterfall.

Ingrid Zubaydullaeva, 59, from Melbourne, had booked her long-awaited trip in November last year.

She arrived in Ubud at a wellness villa on August 26 where a group of like-minded women were then taken to Sebatu Holy Water Spring the following day.

The ancient temple complex is located by the riverbank in the village of Sebatu, about a half an hour drive from Ubud.

It is a tranquil, holy place where the Balinese go for worshipping and purification.

While the group were in the holy water Ingrid began to feel unwell.

“She was in the water just by the waterfall when she realised something wasn’t right,” her friend Liz Brine told

“When she moved away from the waterfall her right side gave in and she fell into the water.”

Liz, who has started a GoFundMe page to help Ingrid cover medical costs, said the 59-year-old had suffered a stroke and was paralysed on the right side of her body.

“People rushed to help carry her out of the water as she couldn’t move or speak.”

Liz said the group’s bus driver had to drive to a nearby hospital to get them to send an ambulance as reception was poor.

“It took two hours for an ambulance to come and another one hour to carry Ingrid from the waterfall up the hill and to the ambulance as it was very steep.”

The mother-of-two eventually arrived at the hospital almost five hours after her fall where Ingrid said she was treated for hypertension — high blood pressure.

According to the Stroke Foundation Australia, hypertension is the most important known risk factor for stroke.

Ingrid’s stroke came as a shock as she had been given the all-clear from her GP prior to her trip.

“The GP told her, her condition is well managed and wasn’t concerned about her going away,” Liz said.

“It is not known exactly what caused it – and there were no initial concerns.

“No one saw it coming. She was fine during the flight and even on the morning before she had the stroke.”

According to the Stroke Foundation, in most cases it is impossible to pinpoint an exact cause. However, there are a number of risk factors that have been linked to high blood pressure including family history and age.

Ingrid’s 24-year-old son flew to Bali the following day to be by his mother’s side where she spent 12 days at Ari Canti Hospital, before arriving back home in Melbourne on Sunday after she was given the all-clear.

The mother-of-two racked up $6,000 in hospital fees during her stay. She was forced to borrow money to cover the hefty price tag — including flights home for her and her son.

Liz has since setup a GoFundMe with money raised to support Ingrid with her debt.

“Ingrid still isn’t mobile — she can’t walk independently and is currently undergoing strict rehabilitation treatment.”