Health, wealth and wisdom… it’s all about seniors | Canberra CityNews

Health, wealth and wisdom… it’s all about seniors | Canberra CityNews

This week “CityNews” speaks with the people and services passionate about improving the lives of Canberra’s older community. This is a sponsored post.

From looking after their health to getting their affairs in order, these Canberra businesses know the importance of helping the older community.

This expertise allows seniors to balance their priorities with ease, making time for both the necessary and the fun.

Here “CityNews” speaks with the people and services passionate about improving the lives of Canberra’s seniors.

COTA Seniors Expo.

Empowering seniors to find what suits them

COTA ACT has been delivering the ACT Seniors Expo since the early 1990s, says engagement manager Catherine Adcock.

“This year it’s running on September 21, from 9.30am to 3pm at EPIC, and we are looking at more than 130 stall holders, offering a range of services and interest groups,” she says.

“The Expo started from humble beginnings at the Ainslie Arts Centre and the Hughes Community Centre Hall, with only 10 stall holders.”

Catherine has been involved since 2016, and says it’s really great to see the range they are offering now.

“We also have a full entertainment program, with Leisa Keen, and a display of classic and antique cars, and even electric vehicles, as well as giveaways and competitions run by our individual stallholders,” she says.

“People can also receive free public transport by telling their bus driver or CMET customer service officer that you are heading to the Expo.”

Catherine says the COTA Seniors Expo is a welcoming environment, where people don’t feel like they are being forced to lock into or buy anything.

“We just want to empower people, to help them find the best support and services available for them,” she says.

“We offer everything, from people looking into aged-care living, to those who are wanting to find a new hobby as they near their retirement, through activities or volunteering.”

COTA Seniors Expo, September 21 at EPIC. Call 6282 3777, or visit

KJB principal and solicitor Jo Twible.

Downsizing, moving in, and retirement

KJB Law principal Jo Twible says she is fond of the COTA expo, and is looking forward to their stall this year.

“The more people who are aware of their options, and the more options on display at the expo, the more likely it is that people are able to find something that suits their needs best,” she says.

“We know people who will attend the expo will be of a certain age and may be looking at downsizing their home, which we can talk people through and answer questions about.”

Or, for a more in-depth look, Jo says KJB is running a free seminar on November 8.

“It’s called ‘Moving in Retirement, Options, Considerations and Tips’, and is being held at the Hellenic Club, from 10am to 12.30pm,” she says.

“We’ll be looking at moving from the big family home to a smaller home/townhouse/apartment, availability of stamp duty concessions and the $300,000 downsizing super contribution; intergenerational arrangements such as granny flat interests and co-ownership arrangements; and retirement village entry.”

Jo says it’s a ticketed, but free seminar.

“At KJB Law we try to make things as smooth sailing as possible for our clients,” she says.

“Especially in what can be a complex time, the idea is to make sure people’s expectations are matched with the facts and met.”

KJB Law, 10 Corinna Street, Woden. Call 6281 0999, or visit

Diabetes Australia operations manager NSW ACT Natalie Smith.

The importance of getting screened for diabetes

DIABETES Australia operations manager NSW ACT Natalie Smith says that as people get older their risks of diabetes also increase.

“Unfortunately, as we get older the pancreas produces less insulin meaning there’s a higher risk, especially for type 2 diabetes,” she says.

“That’s why it’s so important for us to continue raising awareness, for people to have a conversation with their GP or health-care provider and get screened every year.”

Natalie says that the earlier diabetes is detected, the faster treatment and lifestyle changes can begin to stop or delay complications such as heart disease and amputations.

“There is support out there, and I am seeing more and more stories of people who are diagnosed early that are going into remission,” she says.

“Nationally, 5.6 per cent of people have diabetes. In the ACT there are more than 20,000 living with it, too.”

She says Diabetes Australia has an online risk calculator where people can measure how much risk they’re at of the chronic illness.

“It calculates cultural, genetic and lifestyle factors that contribute, and we encourage everyone to do it,” says Natalie.

It’s just one of the many services the organisation offers to help people living with the condition.

“If you’re diagnosed with diabetes, don’t panic, come and talk with us at this year’s COTA Seniors Expo, we’re here to help,” says Natalie.

Diabetes Australia. Call 1800 177055, or visit

Audiologist Dr Bill Vass… “I think that people with no qualifications have no business advising people on their hearing loss.”

Dr Vass offers life-changing hearing help

GETTING help with hearing loss is all about improving communication and gaining clarity, says Dr Vass Hearing Clinic principal Dr William Vass.

Offering professional, independent advice and treatment, Dr Vass says taking the first step with a hearing test can be life-changing.

“We know hearing loss can be linked to anxiety, isolation, anger, relationship issues, work issues and miscommunication in general,” he says.

“After treatment or rehabilitation patients can find it a lot easier to get along with people, don’t have to guess so much and are much more confident in their communication skills, especially with their partner.”

While hearing loss can come with ageing, Dr Vass says it can also often affect young people too.

“Those exposed to loud noises in military and construction fields can experience hearing loss. Some people might be genetically exposed to hearing loss or there could be viral infections,” he says.

“It’s very important to act early. Waiting too long can start to see a disconnect between the brain and the ear.

“We find that those people who put off getting help with their hearing loss for long periods don’t have as successful outcomes as those who seek help earlier.”

Dr Vass says patients have the certainty that they’ll be seeing him when they visit the clinic and that he will provide one-on-one, tailored care and advice.

“It’s rewarding to help people not be so isolated, and help improve their communication with others, especially their loved ones,” he says.

Dr Vass Hearing Clinic, suite 14, John James Medical Centre, 175 Strickland Crescent, Deakin. Visit or call 6282 2717.

Retirement village offers convenience

ADRIA Care combines access to important facilities with a feel of privacy, making it the perfect place for retirement, says CEO Stephanie Tyrrell.

“There’s close access to Cooleman Court and Woden Westfield, but we are surrounded by reserves and parklands making it a very peaceful atmosphere for residents,” she says.

Located in the heart of Weston Creek, Adria Care , which has two dedicated respite rooms and a special care unit, offers residential care for 42 residents. The village also contains 36 independent living units.

Stephanie says the village offers residents a wide range of things to do, and that they can get involved as little or as much as they’d like.

“We have an active residents’ committee who organise lots of get-togethers. Residents can play cards, go to morning teas and happy hours, enjoy exercise, and much more,” she says.

Established in 1994 by volunteers of the Croatian community of Canberra and Queanbeyan, Stephanie also says the village is home to a greatly multicultural group of people.

“We have residents [from] Australia, Croatia, China, France, Macedonia, Hungary and more,” she says.

“There are great residents and great staff committed to the best outcomes for the community.”

Adria Care, 89 Fremantle Drive, Stirling. Call 6288 0198, or visit

Support in navigating aged care services

A NEW service to support older citizens navigate the aged-care system has launched, and Northside Community Service is one of the organisations providing the new Care Finder program in Canberra, says aged-care manager Pema Sherpa.

“Care Finder supports older people who would not be able to arrange aged-care services without intensive support and do not have a family member or friends who can help,” she says.

“We’ve been providing aged-care services in-home for a long time.

“One of the things that we’ve noticed is that Australia’s aged-care system is complicated, and for many older people out there it can be a huge challenge to even know what services they can receive.

“Care Finder is funded by the government through the Capital Health Network to help. The northside team can help people understand what aged-care services are available, set up an assessment and find and choose services.”

Pema says they also help people with access to other supports in the community, and they can help with both accessing services for the first time and changing or finding new services and supports.

“Having someone to actually meet with you, work with you, and help see what support you can get is so important for many older people,” says registered nurse and Northside’s care coordinator Doris Ekwegwo.

“As Care Finders, we are really here to help.”

Northside Community Service, 2 Rosevear Place, Dickson. Call 6171 8000, or visit

Summerfield Villa.

A place to love for the over 55s

WITH only two villas left to sell, director and developer Tim Wright says it’s proof Summerfield is a great place to live for over 55s, and testimony to their tagline “not just a place to live but a place to love”.

“We kept the last two villas, a Sandalwood and a Mayfield, to the end and have now released them with construction coming to a close,” he says.

“All other villas in this pristine 56 villa development are sold. Being freehold title, no entry or exit fees, with excellent community facilities, you can understand why there’s been such demand.”

Tim says these last two villas are three-bedroom, two-bath and two-car, “oozing” magnificence, space and luxury.

“The views from the Sandalwood villa, being perched high, are sensational with a beautiful sunroom for the buyer to enjoy,” he says.

“Most importantly, these villas represent outstanding value when compared to Canberra, and unbelievable value when compared to Sydney.

“Located right beside the new hospital, Summerfield residents not only enjoy the lifestyle, but a plethora of local Braidwood activities.”

Tim says Braidwood is renowned for its arts and crafts, cafes and restaurants, clubs and activities and of course its nearby pies at Trapper’s Bakery.

“So, if you want to be the lucky owner in a beautiful villa and enjoy a quality lifestyle living each day to the fullest, visit Summerfield and have a look.”

Summerfield Braidwood, 70 Little River Road, Braidwood. Call 1300 737970 or visit

Marigal Gardens.

Don’t wait, think about retirement village living now

COLLEENE Sheridan and her husband, Bryan, had never really thought about retirement villages, but a friend got them thinking, she says.

“We went to Marigal Gardens just to have a look and we really liked the idea of it,” she says.

“Before we moved, we heard a lot of concerns around the financial costs of a village. But we’re doing our kids a favour because they’re not going to have to worry about us.”

Colleen says one of the most important benefits of Marigal Gardens at Kambah is the sense of safety and security.

“But also we love the freedom to live life to the full, without the demands of household maintenance,” she says.

“I take full advantage of the amenities, and I’m so excited about the new pool,” – due in the second half of 2024.

Her advice to anyone thinking of a retirement village move? Don’t wait. “It’s the best thing we ever did,” she says.

Sales manager Michaela Howard says they’d like to share the Marigal opportunity with other Canberrans at their Health and Wellbeing Expo on September 14, 10am-2pm.

“Come and meet the experts who can offer advice and services on the day, including free hearing and blood pressure checks, home meal delivery service and tasting, downsizing experts, selling and moving experts, services to support seniors living with pets, local physiotherapy services, travel and tour information, and a local over 55s community group.”

Marigal Gardens, 21 Snodgrass Crescent, Kambah. Call 1300 884784, or visit

DDCS Lawyers partner Philip Davey. Photo: Hilary Wardhaugh

Highly qualified delivery of best outcomes

DDCS Lawyers was established in 2007, specialising in family law and estate law, says partner Phil Davey.

“We are supported by a team of highly qualified and dedicated lawyers, who bring a powerful blend of experience and academic credentials,” he says.

“We offer a range of services to seniors, particularly in the estates area, where increasingly we are seeing a need for specialised advice.”

Phil says this includes estate planning, enduring powers of attorney, guardianship and financial management, retirement living and aged care, elder abuse, estate disputes and relationship breakdown.

“The work in these areas has been steadily increasing as a result of a number of factors, including an ageing population, who have accumulated significantly greater wealth than previous generations and more complex family arrangements,” he says.

“The partners at DDCS have significant expertise and experience. Each of us has been practising as lawyers for between 10 and 40 years. Six of our partners are Accredited Specialists in Family Law; two partners hold Masters of Law degrees majoring in Dispute Resolution; and one of our partners holds a Masters of Law majoring in Estate Law.

“The work that we do requires not only legal skills but also the ability to deal with, and navigate, the complexities of family dynamics.”

Phil says DDCS prides itself on being able to deliver the best outcomes for clients who are more often than not dealing with some of life’s greater challenges.

DDCS Lawyers, 18 Kendall Lane, Canberra City. Call 6212 7600, or visit


Helping to build a healthier, happier life

Arthritis ACT CEO Rebecca Davey.

FOR many, ageing comes with its challenges, says Arthritis, Pain Support & ME/CFS ACT CEO Rebecca Davey.

“At Arthritis ACT, we have a range of programs that can assist you as you come upon challenges that can occur throughout life,” she says.

“Our occupational therapist (OT) specialises in home modifications and supporting driving into the latter years.

“If you need a driving assessment to maintain your licence, or you have had some sort of medical event that has changed your ability to manage a car in a regular way, our OT can provide both a driving assessment and, if needed, help you arrange car modifications to either keep you driving, or to at least make car travel more possible.”

Rebecca says home modifications can also be more important as we age. “Be it modifications to bathrooms to reduce the risk of falls, or the addition of ramps and rails to make getting in and out of your home easier, we can support you to make this happen,” she says.

“As we age we can also lose some basic functioning such as our balance. We’re no longer getting out on the sports fields and keeping our bodies as strong as in the past.

“Strength and balance programs, Tai Chi for falls prevention and programs such as pilates can have a massive impact on increasing our stability and keeping us away from accident and emergency centres with fractured bones!”

Arthritis ACT, 170 Haydon Drive, Bruce. Call 1800 011041, or visit

Renovation Matters operations manager Amy Gannon, left, with owner Kim Persson.

Enhancing homes with ease

KIM Persson, the founder of Renovation Matters, says her deep-seated passion for renovations has transformed her business from a personal hobby into a thriving professional venture.

“With a remarkable track record of over 45 successful renovations, I possess the expertise and insights needed to revitalise homes for optimal results,” she says.

“In these challenging times, whether you’re grappling with financial pressures, soaring mortgage costs, or contemplating a property sale, Renovation Matters is your trusted partner.”

Kim says if you’re transitioning into a new phase of life and considering downsizing, let Renovation Matters alleviate the associated stress.

“Our specialisation lies in the art of renovating to enhance accessibility, which includes the installation of shower rails and seats, as well as the removal of shower hobs, ensuring your home suits your evolving needs,” she says.

“Our services are flexible, catering to your preferences. Some clients entrust us with their keys, returning only upon auction day, confident in our expertise.”

Kim says it’s increasingly vital to uplift your property strategically, ensuring it stands out in the market and the improvements increase the sales value.

“Renovation Matters offers a unique ‘fix up, profit, and pay later’ process, allowing us to cover the upfront renovation expenses before the settlement,” she says.

“We can finance improvements until settlement, leaving no stone unturned in making your renovation journey utterly stress-free.

“Discover the possibilities with Renovation Matters, where we turn your home improvement dreams into reality with professionalism and ease.”

Renovation Matters. Call Kim on 0427 696662, or visit

Carers ACT – Nanagan-Wali Cottage.

Support for carers, and care for clients

RESPITE care supports carers and the people they care for, giving both a break for a short period of time, says Carers ACT CEO Lisa Kelly.

“It can give you both time and space to do things independently, or help carers attend to commitments of work or travel, by ensuring the person they care for is in good hands,” she says.

Carers ACT offer several respite services to ensure carers can continue to support their loved one longer, in a way that is positive, balanced and sustainable.

“Planned respite care can help you plan for breaks to rest and recharge,” she says.

“Two of these services are cottage respite and a frail aged care respite booking service.

“Through our cottages, we provide a home-away-from-home environment for the person you care for when things get complicated, difficult or a carer encounters something unexpected.

“We are also excited to now offer a Frail Aged Respite Booking Service which takes the stress out of finding a short-term respite bed for people with an aged care respite code.

“The booking service provides you with a single point of contact for aged care facilities across Canberra and Queanbeyan. We can also connect you with support for at-home care after a respite stay.

Lisa says you can take a break knowing Carers ACT are looking after the person you care for.

Carers ACT, 2/80 Beaurepaire Crescent, Holt. Call 6296 9900, or visit

Rhonda and Ken Hubert of Capon and Hubert Lawyers and Mediators.

A team of compassion, empathy and efficiency

FINANCE director Rhonda Hubert says the staff at Capon and Hubert take pride in knowing that respect and courtesy always takes priority.

Together, lawyers Ken Hubert, Ashilpa Khanna and Daryn Griffiths cover family law, wills and estates and conveyancing.

“Ken is experienced in all areas of family law,” says Rhonda.

“He is a mediator and has been practising in Canberra for 40 years.

“He helps people with their legal issues with confidence and compassion.”

Ashilpa joined the team six years ago, says Rhonda, and specialises in wills and estates.

“At the time of your loss, we know you need people who understand the challenges of this time and Ashilpa is known for her empathy,” says Rhonda.

“Daryn joined us five years ago and leads our conveyancing team, buying and selling property, both residential and commercial.”

He can also help with advice regarding contracts for retirement village accommodation, says Rhonda: “He is professional, efficient and a tireless worker for his clients.

“The Capon and Hubert team has been operating for many years in Canberra and enjoys working together.

“Many of our clients have been coming to us for a long time and much of our client base comes through referral, which speaks to Capon and Hubert’s success and the confidence their clients and other professionals have in the team.”

Capon and Hubert Lawyers and Mediators, first floor, 32-38 Townshend Street, Phillip. Call 6152 9203 or visit

Empowering independence in Canberra

FOR more than two decades, Open Mobility has been a trusted name in assistive technology, says area manager, southern tablelands and central west, Brooke Waters.

“Our commitment to customer satisfaction has made us a go-to provider of mobility solutions in Canberra,” she says.

“Now, with two convenient locations in the heart of Canberra at Belconnen and Greenway (both opposite the post offices), they’re even more accessible to the community.”

Brooke says Open Mobility offers a wide range of products, from mobility scooters to lift chairs, beds, and daily living aids, designed to empower individuals to lead independent lives.

“Our expert team goes above and beyond to ensure customer needs are met, providing free and secure delivery, set-up, and demonstrations for all purchases,” she says.

“What’s more, Open Mobility offers a five per cent price guarantee, ensuring you get the best value.

“As a registered NDIS provider, Open Mobility guarantees the highest level of care and support for participants. We’ve also embraced modern convenience with an easy-to-navigate ecommerce website, allowing customers to shop from the comfort of their homes while enjoying the same quality service and delivery options as in-showroom purchases.”

And, in exciting news for spring, Brooke says Open Mobility presents the Spring Scooter Sale.

“With an incredible $500 off every scooter and a minimum $500 trade-in offer, it’s an unparalleled opportunity to access state-of-the-art mobility solutions at exceptional value.”

Open Mobility, 32 Cohen Street, Belconnen and 310 Anketell Street, Greenway. Call 6108 3899, or visit


Unlocking health benefits for seniors

Performance Edge Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic Tuggeranong branch director Dave Wellington.

Director of the Tuggeranong branch of Performance Edge Physiotherapy, Dave Wellington says as we age our bodies undergo changes that can impact our physical well-being.

“Physiotherapy is an effective way to counteract these changes allowing a good quality of life to be maintained,” he says.

“Physiotherapy is not only beneficial for the rehabilitation of injuries, it offers a multitude of health benefits for our seniors.

“Firstly, physiotherapy helps seniors maintain their strength and mobility. Through targeted exercises and techniques, physiotherapists work to enhance muscle strength, improve balance and increase flexibility, this is crucial in the prevention of falls which can have devastating consequences for older adults.”

Dave says by improving mobility, physiotherapy enables seniors to continue living independently, improving their overall quality of life.

“Physiotherapy also plays a vital role in managing chronic pain, a common issue among seniors,” he says.

“Whether it’s arthritis, osteoporosis, or joint problems we use a variety of techniques including manual therapy and therapeutic exercises to reduce pain and increase mobility.

“This can reduce the need for pain medication and improve an individual’s ability to engage in daily activities, this contributes greatly to their mental well-being.

“At Performance Edge Physiotherapy we help our older adults maintain their independence so they can enjoy an active and fulfilling life as they age.”

Performance Edge Physiotherapy. Call 6293 4355 (Tuggeranong), 6162 0252 (Belconnen) and 6162 0252 (Brindabella Park), or visit

Solo Connections Dannii Falsay, centre, with a group at the Royal Palace, Phnom Penh.

Bringing people together with solo travel

SOLO Connections specialises in small group experiences for solo travellers, says reservations manager and tour host Dannii Falsay.

“Unlike traditional, couple tours, any meals or gatherings we have are done at large tables, to encourage fun and conversation, to bring everyone together,” she says.

“We make a point, at Solo Connections, to help others make the most of their experience, and be present in the moment.”

Dannii says they do, and deal with all the little things to show travellers they’re in good hands, and help them feel special.

“We have a very high repeat client rate, with sometimes up to 80 per cent of our tour groups being previous, returning passengers,” she says.

“It’s not too late to join in our Christmas trips. We’re doing an Australian trip through Victoria that will run through Christmas and New Year, or a Mekong River Cruise over Christmas.

“It’s perfect for people who may not have plans or family to spend that period with. We’d love to welcome you in.”

And, Dannii says Solo Connections will be adding new itineraries for 2024, from before COVID-19.

“I’m excited, our travellers will be happy and safe, and we’re helping to give them a new lease on life,” she says.

“It is a very satisfying, feel-good job, where the holiday begins at the airport.”

Solo Connections. Call 1300 044444, or visit

ACT Deafness Resource Centre communications officer Joe Symons.

Helping seniors manage hearing loss

FOR nearly 30 years the ACT Deafness Resource Centre has been advising people on how best to manage their hearing loss, says executive officer Joe Symons.

“I have had moderate/severe hearing loss since birth, which allows me to bring lived experience to the centre. There’s no course you can do that will teach you that,” he says.

The centre offers education, information, guidance and referrals.

“We’re a not-for-profit so our services are free,” he says.

“One in six Australians has some form of hearing loss, and for people aged over 65 it’s one in four, so it’s important to have the necessary information.”

Joe says the ACT Deafness Resource Centre can help with alert systems too, such as fire alarms or notifications when someone is at the door.

“We also offer free talks to retirement homes, independent living villages, men’s sheds and the wider community” he says.

He says the centre is also expanding, with an online store that allows them to offer services and products Australia-wide.

ACT Deafness Resource Centre, 1b/27 Mulley Street, Holder. Call 6287 4393, or visit

Multidisciplinary approach for patients

BRUCE Sports Medicine deals not just with athletes but looks after people of all ages and abilities to help them with their quality of life, says owner, Dr Wilson Lo.

“My clinic is set up for a multidisciplinary approach for patients with arthritis,” he says.

“We will try and diagnose the problem to start with, then discuss all the options with you so you can decide what will suit you the best.

“Every person has a different aim in life whether that be to play golf, go on an overseas trip or just function in everyday life without pain.”

Wilson says pain relief may involve prescription medication, various injection therapies such as platelet-rich plasma, soft-tissue therapy, mobilisation of joints and exercise programs.

“Either in our rehabilitation gym, such as the GLA:D program, or at home,” he says.

“We have a team of practitioners to guide you – physiotherapists, an exercise physiologist, sports podiatrist, dietitian and sports doctors.

“We will soon have a very experienced acupuncturist on board as well.”

Wilson says they are also happy to work with your existing doctors and practitioners. 

“We are also fortunate to have on our team Dr Joe Lau. He specialises in orthopedic surgery of the lower limb and uses the latest robotic-assisted technology for knee and hip replacements, including the minimally invasive direct anterior approach (DAA) hip replacement.

“And, besides Dr Lau, all our practitioners do not need a referral from your doctor.”

Bruce Sports Medicine, 9 Victoria Street, Hall. Call 6253 5386, or visit


Making access to eyewear and accessories easy

Curtin Optical owner Corey Nicholls.

CURTIN Optical stocks a wide range of eyewear and accessories, says owner Corey Nicholls.

Having been a part of the Curtin community for 23 years, he says Curtin Optical has three experienced optometrists available for appointments from Mondays to Fridays. 

“We cater to all tastes – from budget to well-known brands,” says Corey.

Curtin Optical also offers mobile optical dispensing services – spectacle selections and deliveries to the elderly or people unable to come into the store due to disability, he says.

“This includes spectacle repairs and adjustments, and an after-hours service,” says Corey.

“In addition, Curtin Optical offers an express service for those who have lost or broken their spectacles (Rx dependent). 

“Curtin Optical’s in-store services can offer a same-day turnaround and its mobile jobs have a 24-hour turnaround.”

Corey says its independence from large chains gives customers a more personalised service.

He says they are also providers to the ACT pension scheme and DVA, with Curtin Optical offering a 10 per cent discount to ACT Seniors Card holders on complete spectacles, when their Seniors Card is presented at ordering.

Curtin Optical. Shop 1B, Curtin Place, Curtin. Call 6281 1220 or visit

Daryn Griffiths of Capon & Hubert Lawyers & Mediators.

Quality legal advice secures peace of mind

IT’S important to get legal advice before committing to the sale or purchase of property, says Capon and Hubert property and commercial solicitor Daryn Griffiths. 

Daryn says the ACT and NSW are unique in that they don’t offer cooling off periods to the same extent as other states.

“Once you’ve committed yourself to the purchase of a residential property, you have a certain period of time to organise some of your affairs and finance and make requests of the seller to go investigate the property a bit more,” he says.

“During that time you have the ability to walk away from the contract, and the impost on you is only .25 per cent of the price.

“In the ACT and NSW our cooling off period is much shorter, generally seven days or five business days. We have a system here where you really can’t do much in that period of time so we need to make sure your ducks are in a row before you commit to that transaction.”

Daryn says it’s also incredibly important to pre-inspect commercial property as there are even less protections in place for a purchase.

He also says that it can be greatly beneficial for older residents looking to move into a retirement home to get some quality advice before any commitment is made.

“Every contract is a little bit different. We can go through the contract together and if there’s things you need to take into account we can put that in place,” he says.

Capon & Hubert, first floor, 32-38 Townshend Street, Phillip. Call 6152 9203 or visit

A before, left, and after photo of a grave that has been restored by owner Karen Doyle.

Passionate care for emotional loved ones

GRAVE Keepers’ owner Karen Doyle says she has been maintaining and restoring old grave sites for 19 years.

“On top of grave cleaning and leaving flowers, we offer gold leafing, lead lettering, black and white letter refurbishing and brass plaques,” she says.

“I did a four-year course to become a qualified stonemason, and now I’m just so passionate, I absolutely love doing this for people.

“Sometimes it’s too hard emotionally for a family to visit a grave, or sometimes they just live too far away to clean it up and regularly maintain it, so I understand when people come to me, they’re struggling.”

Karen, alongside her partner and sons, offers weekly or fortnightly services, as well as seasonal and on anniversaries.

“They are the muscle for me,” she says.

“We make sure to take progress photos, before and after, to send to the families we help, and they really appreciate that.

“I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to travel around Australia doing this work, and I’m still considered a baby in the industry; my mentor is 83.

“I’ve been lucky enough too, that I have cleaned the only Australian pilot grave in Arlington Cemetary in Virginia USA.”

Grave Keepers. Call 0448 329200, or visit

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