Surprise state has best coffee in Australia

Surprise state has best coffee in Australia

Coffee. Australia does it the best, there’s no doubt about that.

But the real question is, which state has the best coffee.

While Melbourne usually gets this title, according to Wotif’s annual Uniquely Aussie Awards, the best place to go for a brew is actually in Canberra at The Cupping Room — well, for a flat white to be precise.

It’s based on 10,000 Aussies who voted in the travel app’s awards.

“It was a welcome surprise to see that a city other than Melbourne can fulfil the caffeine needs of Aussies,” Wotif managing director, Daniel Finch, told

“We anticipate this news is igniting some friendly state rivalry, showing that, contrary to popular belief, Melbourne isn’t the only city that can make a great flat white.”

He said what made The Cupping Room stand out and take home the crown this year is “not only its incredible flat whites (of course)”, but its “warm atmosphere, high quality food and award-winning friendly and speedy baristas”.

The team at The Cupping Room take their brews so seriously, they even weigh the amount of milk in each cuppa, “to ensure we are giving you the best-tasting coffee we can”.

“We mainly weigh it in the morning as it gets a bit hard throughout the day with the big rushes,” manager Cameron Thomas told

He said per coffee shot, they use between 110g to 115g of milk, adding that it’s part of what helps make a “perfect coffee”.

“The more milk, the more diluted and less the coffee tastes, so there’s lots of different things that go into making the perfect cuppa.”

Cameron said he is stoked with the win as it’s a reflection of the team’s hard-work in delivering its guests with the best and most unique coffee experiences.

And don’t be so shocked that the ACT took out the title.

Canberra has really upped its game. In fact, back in 2015, Sasa Sestic, also known as “The Coffee Man”, took out the Australian Barista Championship followed by the World Barista Championship — so they know what they’re doing down there.

If you’re keen to know who won the Best Flat White category from each state, here they are as follows.

Single O Surry Hills took it out for NSW; Proud Mary Coffee in Collingwood for Victoria; Fonzie Abbott, Albion for Queensland; Pop Rocket Cafe, Katherine for the NT; Haz Beanz Finestkind Coffee, Albany for WA; My Kingdom for a Horse, Adelaide for SA and Bury Me Standing, Hobart for Tasmania.

Wotif’s Uniquely Aussie Awards are all about offering a guide to Australia’s best local gems and apart from Best Flat White category, there were five others — Best Brewery, Best Hotel Room Service, Best Sanga, Best Botanic Gardens, and Best Hot Springs.

“The best thing about these awards and what Wotif feels most passionately about, is that they

profile and celebrate the many local legends, businesses and attractions that make communities

unique and represent what travelling in Australia is all about,” Mr Finch told

“We hope that in highlighting these businesses, it encourages Aussies to explore their own backyard, particularly as we head into the summer months.”

When it came to the Best Brewery, Felons Brewing Co in Queensland took out the national title.

According to Aussies, it’s all about the atmosphere when it comes to a good brewery, and Brisbane’s Felons is where it’s at. The Wotif team say the venue is passionate about offering more than just a wide range of quality beer, adding that it also has an “epic pirate playground” for the kids set up within easy eyeshot of the outdoor tables.

As for the best hotel room service, that award went to EOS by Skycity in South Australia “for a number of reasons”, including its late-night menu offering.

“The food was described as high quality with the freshest locally sourced ingredients,” Mr Finch said.

“To add to that, many nominations also highlighted the friendly customer service that strives to go above and beyond.

“To top it all off, it was the on-call mixologist that really set EOS by Skycity apart, not to

mention the in-room hair and make-up services that are also available.”

And how can we forget the “best Sanga” award. That went to South Dowling Sandwiches. a hole-in-the-wall cafe in Sydney.

“It is certainly a favourite for many Sydney residents, so it came as no surprise that Aussies think their sangas are the best in the country,” Mr Finch added.

He said their win comes down to the “generous portions” such as “huge cuts of fluffy bread that soak up all the sauces” and their “great value and crowd-pleasing caramelised carrots”.

“The generous starting price of just $11 was also called out, meaning you don’t have to feel too guilty about treating yourself to such a delicious lunch.”

The Best Botanic Gardens went to Western Australian Botanic Gardens, home to more than 1,700 unique native species of fauna, while Best Hot Springs went to Mataranka Thermal Pool, in the NT.