Spy: Disco fever? Auckland Town Hall to transform into Studio 54

Spy: Disco fever? Auckland Town Hall to transform into Studio 54

LOU’ANA (pictured), Annie Crummer, Nathan Haines and more Kiwi stars will perform with the Auckland Philharmonia’s full orchestra for The Boogie Wonderland Disco Ball at Auckland Town Hall.

Dust off your flares and sequins, next month the glam and glittering world of disco fever will transform the Auckland Town Hall for the Boogie Wonderland Disco Ball.

Performing their boujee boogie best alongside the Auckland Philharmonia’s full orchestra will be songstresses Annie Crummer and LOU’ANA and the Hipstamatics’ Dillon Rhodes.

Disco DJ sets by Nathan Haines and Jaimie Webster Haines will be part of the groove for the blast back to the 1970s too.

David Kay, the APO conductor of the glitterball event and huge disco fan, says the Town Hall will be decked out like New York’s famous disco club, Studio 54, and punters will groove away to some of the greatest disco tunes ever created.

APO conductor David Kay teases that the Boogie Wonderland will relive the disco vibe of New York’s iconic Studio 54. Photo / Adrian Malloch

It’s not the first time the APO has had a boogie; on a previous occasion when they performed disco music, Kay says he dressed up and even had a disco ball on his head.

Bringing her best Donna Summer for the night will be Annie Crummer, who Kay says is a fabulous musician and creative person who he has had the honour of working with many times over the past 10 years.

“Annie brings a wealth of knowledge of all styles of music, but not only that, she brings an enthusiasm and energy to the stage like no other.”

Rhodes, who can’t wait to perform with a full orchestra and fellow vocal powerhouses, says he will be performing disco bangers like Earth, Wind & Fire’s September and Boogie Wonderland, and the Bee Gees’ More Than a Woman.

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“I’m a massive fan of the disco era, as anyone who’s come to our Hipstamatics gigs will know – and take inspiration from the sound and style of 60s and 70s Motown acts,” he says.

LOU’ANA (Lou’ana Whitney Pereira) has an upcoming disco album and says her era is yet to begin and what better time to start it than at the Boogie Wonderland.

“I’m a long-time lover of disco music and fashion,” she says. “I’m a 90s baby, I wish I was lucky enough to have been around in the 70s, however I feel very lucky to have been brought up with this music, so I’ll be singing it with so much heart!”

Nathan Haines will also be performing with his wife, Jaime Webster Haines.
Nathan Haines will also be performing with his wife, Jaime Webster Haines.

Saxophonist and music producer Nathan Haines will not only DJ with his wife Jaime Webster Haines, he will also be performing.

“My job is to not just play the music of the era, but to tell a story of where this music came from, where it’s been and where it’s going to,” he says.

“There is so much good music that’s less known from this era,” Haines says.

“I love the producers who were making music for clubs and their communities, using amazing musicians and singers – producers like Patrick Adams, Bohannon, the Mizell Brothers, Gamble and Huff … incredible music, incredible productions that really stand the test of time.”

The man whose sax has been accompanying dance music since the 80s says there isn’t one word or term that can describe disco. “I just call it proper dance music.”

Kay hopes people will wear their best ‘freaky deaky’, ‘out of sight’ and ‘off the hook’ outfits and promises a packed Town Hall will have bars and side lounges themed on point.

“I think the overall atmosphere will take the audience right back to where disco began, the decorations, lighting, music, dance floor, just everything about it will give those who were around in that era a flashback to the glory days.

“And those of us who wish we were alive in the 70s a taste of how they danced the night away.”

Every ticket purchased supports Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra’s fantastic Learn & Participate music education programme.

Tickets to the Boogie Wonderland Disco Ball are available from Aucklandlive.co.nz