Reports of political instability prompts call by PM Manele on citizens to embrace God and national interests and be vigilant against influences that seek to destroy SI

PRIME Minister Jeremiah Manele has called on all Solomon Islanders to put God first and national interests second before personal interests amidst reports ‘that there are some people trying to create political instability.’

He made the call in his inaugural independence anniversary speech at the country’s celebration of its 46th year of nationhood on Monday.

“Fellow Solomon Islanders, the Government [of National Unity and Transformation] is only about two months old. However, reports have reached us that there are some people trying to create political instability.

“Fellow Solomon Islanders, the only one thing that can stop Solomon Islands from achieving national unity and transformation is political instability. I urge all Solomon Islanders ands all Members of Parliament to put the national interest of our country first. This is a critical time in our journey as a country. We must be vigilant against influences that seek only to destroy our country.

“We must not allow this to happen. There is more that bind us than what divides us. Today I appeal to each and every Solomon Islander-men or women, boys or girls, young or old – that we must put God first and our nation next before our own interests. If we do this, we’ll see a nation that is stable – a stable nation is a prosperous one,” PM Manele added.

PM Manele said political stability is a very important prerequisite for development and this was very clear in the past five years under the leadership tenure of the DCGA (Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement).

He said it was very clear in the past five years that the country’s adversities have united its citizens and that unity has enabled the country to achieve greater things.

“Lest we forget, the COVID-19 pandemic brought our economy down. As if this was not enough, the Nov 2021 Riot and Civil Unrest that resulted to the looting and burning down of more than 50 percent of our economic infrastructures has brought our economy to a near standstill as businesses that used to pay taxes no longer pay taxes because they no longer operate and this is money lost to the country and money that can be used to buy medicines for the health centers.

“However, these adversities have united our people who rallied together to lift our country up again. Our collective response as a nation to the COVID-19, standing together in our fight against the pandemic demonstrated the power of a nation with one unified objective – to win the fight against COVID-19. [Also], our response to the destruction caused by the November 2021 riot was again remarkable. We came together as one nation and one people to condemn the criminal acts committed by a few people.”

PM Manele said it is his national duty as Prime Minister to remind us Solomon Islanders that taking their law into our own hands is not the answer to our dissatisfactions on issues.

“Rioting, looting and burning properties is never the answer. We must realize this and put a stop to this kind of attitude. We are only destroying our country and people. Nothing good will come out from such irresponsible attitude.”

Solomon Star, Honiara