Oprah Winfrey and The Rock slammed on social media over donations video

Oprah Winfrey and The Rock slammed on social media over donations video

Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne Johnson copped a backlash after asking people to donate to their fundraiser to help those affected by the Maui fires.

In August, a deadly wildfire burned through thousands of acres of land and has reportedly killed 115 people.

The pair launched a fund called the People’s Fund of Maui which aims to put the money “directly in the pockets” of locals affected.

Winfrey said she was inspired by Dolly Parton giving money to North Carolina fire victims.

“We were so concerned about what was happening in Maui that we were texting back and forth. And I read this article that Dolly had given money in her community and I said ‘I think this is the answer’,” Winfrey said in a video posted on social media.

“And so we have created the People’s Fund of Maui that will put money directly in the hands of people who need it right now.

“So if you send a donation … that money is going to go to one of many residents who have been displaced in Maui.”

Johnson, who appeared in the video and posted it to his TikTok, said the fund was a way to help people who have trust issues with charity organisations.

“As Oprah and I have been finding, people are just having a hard time trusting where the money goes. What organisation should I send money to? How can I help?” the former wrestler said.

“The fund that we created with a lot of hard work from a lot of hard working people who all care about these people of Maui … it is a clean (transfer) from you, directly to their hands.”

The pair have kick started the fund by donating $10 million dollars but have been dragged online, with many stating that this was the latest example of rich people failing to read the room.

One user said in a video that she needs the former talk show host to “go outside and touch grass”.

“You’re one of the richest women in the world and you’ve got the nerve to ask us for some money?” she said.

“Ma’am, open up your pretty brown eyes and take a look around. We don’t got it.”

Others have left scathing comments on the pair’s videos, with many saying they have no money to give due to the high cost of living.

“We just went broke buying eggs a couple months ago. Like are you serious [right now]” one user wrote.

“I can’t even afford to fund myself,” another wrote.

Users also pointed out that instead of asking the everyday person to donate, they could ask their celebrity friends.

“Why don’t [you] just have [a] fundraiser with all your connections,” one person pointed out.

“Ask your rich friends to donate, not the people who are struggling,” another agreed.