Pacific Note Palau

Rolynda Jonathan is currently in public relations under her employment with the Embassy of Japan in Palau. A journalist by occupation for nearly 6 years, Rolynda wrote and produced for Oceania Television Network (OTV) before leaving mainstream media in early 2015. Rolynda also contributed to international publications, regional and international news outlets including Radio New Zealand. In 2012, Rolynda became the first Pacific journalist awarded with a fellowship under the UNEP/APFED Media Fellowship Program where she contributed to the publication of “Environmental Dispatches: Reflections on Challenges, Innovation and Resilience in Asia-Pacific”. “Although I’m no longer actively involved in mainstream media career-wise, this is my calling – a calling that I hope to fully answer and return back to in the near future,” she said. “I’m very fortunate and excited to continue to contribute to the advancement of Palau’s media, to be part of the nation’s development and participate in the democratic process.” Rolynda was born and raised in Koror, but spent nearly a decade living and working in the United States before returning home in late 2009. Rolynda can be contacted at email:


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