Miss Samoa hosts Miss Global to Songbirds and Breakfast

Miss Samoa hosts Miss Global to Songbirds and Breakfast

By Taimalelagi Tutuila Farao*
Email: tutuila@samoa.travel

Apia, 15 September 2023: This morning at Plantation House in Maugafolau Road, Alafua, Miss Samoa Moemoana Safa’atoa Schwenke had the pleasure of showcasing unique aspects of her Samoan culture to the visiting Miss Global Shane Tormes.

Situated in the welcoming gardens of local Designer, Owner and the 2016 New York Trade Show Exhibitor Marita Wendt, the tranquil surroundings and morning songbirds set the scene for a memorable cultural exchange and learning.

Miss Samoa Moemoana shared with her guest the focus on the preservation, promotion and protection of our Samoan culture through the Miss Samoa Platform that celebrates the creativity, innovation and intellect of our Samoan women.

This is also the uniqueness of Pageant systems in the Pacific region which is deeply rooted in culture and a stage to demonstrate the transfer of unique aspects of our way of being to the next generation through dance, storytelling and performing arts.

The beauties at breakfast in the tranquil settings of the Plantation House.

More importantly, utilizing the platform to advocate for important causes that affect our people daily such as building resilience to climate change and disasters, quality education and the empowerment of our youth.

Miss Samoa will not be participating in the 2023 Miss Global Pageant. However, Miss Global’s visit is anticipated to bring visibility to Samoa as a destination of choice for potential tourists. It is also an opportunity for the Miss Global audience and reach to learn about Beautiful Samoa and why it is a top destination to visit.

The visiting Miss Global Shane Tormes conveyed her sincere appreciation for the Samoan hospitality and welcoming gesture by Miss Samoa and commended the focus on uplifting the Samoan people in particular women and girls through the Miss Samoa Platform.

The exchange concluded with the presentation of Plantation House handmade gifts from Miss Samoa to her visiting guests before wishing them well on the next chapter of their journey.

*Tutuila Farao is the Public Relations & Communications Officer for the Samoa Tourism Authority.