‘Disruptions’: Aldi responds to pictures of empty shelves in WA

‘Disruptions’: Aldi responds to pictures of empty shelves in WA

Aldi has assured customers they should start to notice better stock in coming days after pictures of empty shelves emerged online.

One picture from the store in Geraldton, Western Australia taken by a shopper on Tuesday showed scarce options in the meat section, and another showed completely empty shelves where pasta is usually displayed.

Some social media users ripped into the supermarket chain, while others justified the inconvenience saying, “they can’t sell stuff that hasn’t been delivered”.

Heavy rain and flooding caused the closure of the Trans-Australian Railway line and sections of the Eyre Highway in March, and Coles and Woolworths have reported stock issues because of this.

Aldi confirmed freight disruptions had been a factor for them too.

“There have been disruptions to some stock supply for our West Australian customers caused by a number of factors, including freight interruptions,” a company spokeswoman said.

“Like other retailers, we are working to deliver a return to regular stock levels as soon as possible and customers should notice this in the coming days.”

On Tuesday, Woolworths chief executive Brad Banducci said some items would be low in stock for at least another 10 days, according to ABC.

“For all of our Western Australian shoppers, there are still material issues in supply there,” he told a Senate committee for the inquiry into supermarket pricing.

“We’re working very hard, and I know our competitors are, to get them back into supply.”

Coles has also said customers should see stock arriving in WA stores in “coming days” as a backlog of deliveries clears.