Clip of man’s six toes on flight goes viral

Clip of man’s six toes on flight goes viral

A passenger has caused quite the stir online after he flashed his “hairy bare feet” on a flight — but that’s not all.

The one unspoken rule on a flight is simple: keep your shoes on, because let’s face it, no one wants to have someone else’s bare feet staring them in the eyes. And also, there’s the issue of foot odour.

However, one man was eager to free his toes after taking off his socks and shoes on an undisclosed flight.

A now viral TikTok shows the passenger resting his left foot on the rail of the seat in front of him with many calling out the act as “gross” and “disgusting”.

But what left viewers even more shocked was the man’s extra toe. It appears he has Polydactyly, which is a birth defect that occurs when a person is born with extra fingers or toes. It affects around one in every 700-to-1000 births worldwide.

The clip, shared by TikTok user ‘MG’, has attracted 9.1 million views and almost 20,000 comments with one reading: “I’m telling you right now I was so focused on the hair that I nearly missed the twins.”

“You know he’s not lack toes intolerant,” one person joked, while a third added: “Bro’s just crossing them for good luck on the flight.”

The top comment with 40,000 ‘likes’ simply read: “I’m telling you right now …” with laughing emojis.

While some poked fun, others defended the man’s act saying it must be “uncomfortable” for him to wear closed shoes.

“The only time I’ll accept shoes off on a plane, it’s gotta hurt rubbing against the top all the time poor guy,” one person wrote.

“Imagine if that was your foot and you suddenly saw it on TikTok,” someone else said.

But for others, the man’s exposed feet reignited the debate of plane etiquette and whether it’s acceptable to go barefoot.

“Ok to be fair, it’s probably so uncomfortable to wear shoes but man … bring some slippers or something. NO ONE should be dogs out on a plane,” one person noted.

“I have my dogs out regularly on planes, f****n stop me,” another hit back.

Others claimed people who take shoes off on a plane also go barefoot or with sock to the bathroom “and step in the urine”.

One person admiited they set their feet free on long-haul flights.

“Bro when I fly to Asia I take off my shoes for long flights and so does most ppl it’s sooo uncomfy (sic),” they said.

Meanwhile, others continued to find the humour in it all with one woman saying, “The comments toetoelly did not disappoint”.