Australian Department of Science and Resources

Services of the Australian Department of Science and Resources:

Anti-Dumping Commission
Australian Radioactive Waste Agency
Australian SKA Office
Australian Space Agency
Australian Space Discovery Centre
Critical Minerals Office
Industry Innovation and Science Australia
Major Projects Facilitation Agency
National Measurement Institute
National Reconstruction Fund
Office of National Rail Industry Coordination
Office of Supply Chain Resilience
Office of the Chief Economist

What we do

We investigate claims that dumped and subsidised imports have injured Australian industry.

Dumping generally occurs when a company exports a product into Australia at a price that is lower than the price charged in the country of manufacture.

Subsidisation is a financial benefit an exporter receives from a government. This subsidy may allow the exporter to sell their goods to Australia at a lower price.

Department of Industry, Science and Resources Contact Address

General Enquiries

+61 2 6213 6000

Industry House,
10 Binara Street,
Department of Industry
ABN: 74 599 608 295


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