Australian toddler dies soon after being discharged from hospital

Australian toddler dies soon after being discharged from hospital


Queensland Health is investigating the death of 20-month-old Lola.

Queensland Health is investigating the death of an Australian baby girl just hours after she was discharged from Beaudesert Hospital.

Logan mother Toni Winchcole presented to the hospital’s emergency department with her 20-month-old daughter Lola about 8pm on August 5, but claimed the toddler was sent home within three hours.

“We were really concerned about Lola’s breathing because it just seemed a lot more rapid and noisy, like faster than usual … so they gave her Panadol at the hospital and ondansetron to help with her nausea,” Winchcole told 9News.

“And then he discharged us with instructions to keep her fluids up.”

Lola’s father Matt found her lifeless body in her bedroom the next morning.

He called triple zero and paramedics transported Lola, unresponsive, to Logan Hospital.

Doctors performed CPR for more than an hour, but Lola could not be revived.

“It was awful, you can’t even describe those words like it’s so awful,” Winchcole said.


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The couple claim staff told them following pathology testing that there were traces of the potentially life-threatening infection Strep A in Lola’s blood.

They say they are now desperate for answers, waiting on a coroner’s findings to confirm her cause of death, but believe Queensland Health failed their daughter.

Winchcole said he hoped by sharing their story the couple could encourage other parents to “trust their instinct” when it came to their children’s health.

“It’s always right … you don’t want to come home to this nightmare”, he said.

Health Minister Shannon Fentiman sent her “sincere condolences” to the family.

“I was heartbroken to hear of Lola’s passing … I am advised that the health service is reviewing this case and we will await any outcome from the coroner to determine if further steps are necessary.”

This story was originally published on Nine News and is republished with permission.