Aussie found dead on floor of Bali villa

Aussie found dead on floor of Bali villa

An Australian man has been found dead in Bali.

The man, believed to be from Cronulla, in south Sydney, was found on the bedroom floor of his villa in Sanur, south of Denpassar at 11 am on Monday.

Denpasar Police said there was an empty bottle of vodka next to him, according to 7 News.

His body has been taken to Sanglah Hospital.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said it was unable to comment on the matter.

Alcohol poisoning is common in Bali, where unscrupulous bar owners pump their alcohol with ethanol to save on production costs.

Drinks passed off as vodka or other spirits that are illicitly manufactured with methanol are especially dangerous.

A couple of teaspoons could cause blindness or liver damage.

Doctors warn a mouthful could induce a coma or cause brain damage or death.